The Lab is equipped with the most modern devices and it is used by R&D and Q.A departments.

Quality dpt. makes the physical-chemical tests for the manufacturing and filling processes.

R&D dpt. develops in the Lab new formulas and samples for a later validation.

The Lab includes the following equipment:
• Cromatographs
• Vacuum cabin
• Density meter
• FT-IR Spectometer
• Bar-code verifier
• Karl-Fisher Titrator
• Conductivity meter
• PH-meter
• Viscosity meter
• Torquemter
• Compresion/tension testing
• Potentiometric Titrator

among others.


Aerosol and liquid filling for Body care, Household, Industrials …


We offer a customized service, from just the filling process to the Full service.


Quality is a priority in the ESES activities.